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We want to leverage business to improve our society

Blanco Global Commitments

Commitment to our shareholders

Commitment to a transparent, honest and sustainable management to generate economic outcomes that allows earnings and profits and the ongoing reinvestment and corporate autonomy to create shareholder value and wealth for society.

Commitment to our employees

Commitment to our employees to generate a supportive work environment for professional and personal growth, with benefits and entitlements above the national average in each country in which we operate.

Commitment to our customers

Commitment to act professionally at all times and maintain criteria of rigor, quality, respect and honesty to impress our customers with the best possible services and products.

Commitment to society

Commitment to address the needs and concerns of society and stakeholders. Promote the development of the country and society through the Internet, information technology and advance technology in general.

Commitment to the environment

Commitment to inform about the responsibilities, management and performance of the company in terms of sustainability.